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Answering “close-the-sale” questions

Many of our retail surveys include a question relating to the efforts of the sales staff to “close-the-sale.” However, what does it mean? It is the final part of the sales process when the sales assistant obtains the buyer’s commitment to make the purchase.

It DOES NOT include the sales assistant explaining the products benefits, justifying its cost or asking you questions to determine what particular features you are looking for in the product.

The survey question may appear as:

* Did the sales assistant attempt to gain your commitment to purchase? OR

* Did the sales assistant attempt to close the sale?

Examples of responses for a YES answer i.e. the shop assistant DID attempt to close the sale:

1. “So are we taking that today?”
2. “Will that be cash or card today?”
3. “I am glad you decided on that dress/necklace etc.”
4. “Will you be buying that today?”
5. “What’s the best day for delivery?”
6. “Did you want to take that today? If your (daughter, niece, friend etc) decides they don’t like it, they can bring it back with the receipt to exchange it for something else.”
7. “This special offer/discount is only available until tomorrow.”

Examples of responses for a NO answer i.e. the shop assistant DID NOT attempt to close the sale:

1. They asked what size my (daughter, niece, friend etc) was and what colours she liked.
2. They said “That looks great on you. It’s a nice colour.”

Note: examples 1 and 2 are not attempts by the sales assistant to close the sale but rather to elicit information or build rapport.

3. They explained the product’s benefits and said it was value for money.
4. They asked if I would like them to hold the item for me while I thought about whether to purchase it or not.

“Closing-the-sale” is a very important component of the sales process therefore it is very important for the shopper to listen out for any attempts by the sales person to do so.

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