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Changes to Mystery Customer Contract 9 September 2009

We have made the following changes to the agreement we have with our mystery customer contractors -

  • new Part D added to Preamble - explains that the contract includes the terms and conditions under which our relationship is based, and how it may be changed and terminated;
  • 3.2 - re invoicing format - we make clear we can require you to provide your invoices in a specified format;
  • 4.2 added - we have inserted provision that if you provide us with incorrect banking or other details that results in an additional charge to us, then we may deduct the expense against income owing to you;
  • 5.2 added – we make clear that we can make changes to the contract from time to time, as long as we supply you with a copy of the changes and provide you with advance notice of the changes as they affect you;
  • new 6.1 - how much we pay – we are changing from having a set schedule of fees, to a system of telling you when you are offered the shop how much we will pay you. As a result, there won’t be a ‘schedule of payments’ attached to the contract;
  • new 6.2 – we have inserted a term that we can withhold payment for work not done on time or where it is of an unacceptable or unusable standard.

Any queries regarding these changes can be directed to [email protected].

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