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Completing your assignment(s) on time

Dear mystery customers,

We have recently noticed that more and more visits are being completed on the ‘due by date’. We would like to remind you that the ‘due by date’ means that this is the last possible day to submit your report. We strongly recommend that you complete the visit and submit your report to us before this date.

Your report must be submitted within 24 hours upon completion of your visit.

Some of our assignments will require the visits to be completed on specific times or days and it is essential for you to complete the survey at the allocated time.

To find out more information regarding the survey before you nominate for it, you will need to click the ‘info’ button.

As pictured below, this particular survey needs to be completed on a Wednesday at 9.00am. To nominate to do this survey, please ensure that you are able to perform this visit on a Wednesday morning before the due by date.

If for any reason you are unable to complete your visit on the required date or before the due by date, you must either decline the survey in your inbox or notify us as soon as you can so we have time to reallocate the assignment. All communications regarding allocated assignments should be made during normal business hours ie. 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

We score each and every survey completed by our shoppers and give a ranking on 3 criteria:

  • Contents and comments
  • Instructions followed (including timeliness and punctuality)
  • Spelling and Grammar

The higher your score is, the more chance of securing future surveys.

We would like to thank all our shoppers who have been consistently submitting timely reports.


Kind regards,

The Mystery Customer Team

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