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Improving your reports

Our Mystery Customer Reporting standards are set at a high standard and expect to have your report sent back to you if it has not met these standards.

The quality of your report is based on:

1. The amount of comments and descriptions provided in your report
2. The ability to follow instructions and submitting your reports in a timely manner
3. Spelling and grammar

Although the comment boxes may look small, it does not mean that you are limited with your responses. You are able to continue typing and the comment box will enlarge itself.

Any reports sent back to you need to be altered and sent back to us as soon as possible but always within 24 hours.

By providing quality reports, you can go into the mix to win our Shopper of the month campaign. Also, assignments are allocated based on these scores that, you the shopper attain in your submitted surveys.

Kind regards,
The Mystery Customer team

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