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MobiAudit app to help shoppers

Mystery Customer shoppers are able to use an app for mobile phones or tablets to help them more efficiently undertake their assignments. MobiAudit synchronises with our online Shopmetrics platform and allows shoppers to have a full copy of the survey synchronised to their mobile device so that they can enter answers whilst at the venue. Shoppers are able to work off-line and choose when they wish to synchronise the data, thus controlling data transfer fees. MobiAudit also allows shoppers to see and apply for open opportunities with Mystery Customer. MobiAudit is free for Mystery Customer shoppers.

The instructions below apply to loading MobiAudit onto a mobile phone. Shoppers are also able to load the program onto a laptop/notebook.

How do I load MobiAudit onto my phone?

First you will need to find the app for your device. Go to and click on the relevant download for your device.

Alternatively, for iOS (i-Phone/i-Pad) go to the Apple App Store and search for MobiAudit. For Android devices go to Google Play and search for MobiAudit. You are looking for a green logo. Follow the prompts to install MobiAudit onto your device.

Setting up a profile

Once installed on your device, you will need to link MobiAudit to you Mystery Customer profile. You must already have a Mystery Customer profile to do this. On your phone click on the MobiAudit icon.

Click on Profiles/Add Profile then complete the following:

Username: (this is your Mystery Customer user name that you use to login online)

Password: (this is your Mystery Customer password that you use to login online)


Tutorials for using MobiAudit A wide range of tutorials on how to use MobiAudit is available on their website available We suggest that you still use the Mystery Customer webpage to familiarise yourself with the survey and its instructions before heading off to an assignment.

You will need to ensure that you complete the assignment properly, so please use the steps that you would normally undertake to prepare for your visit.

A couple of tips using MobiAudit

Please use the tutorials on the MobiAudit website– these include instructions on how to set up a profile, uploading photos and submitting surveys.

To get you started, though, here are two tips:

1. To toggle between your INBOX and your SETTINGS MENU you can either swipe the page or press the icon at the top right/left (person with three lines beside them). On your settings menu there is a HELP & ABOUT at the bottom of the page – press the ? to access.

2. Also on the settings menu we suggest that you set the AUTOMATIC SYNCHRONISATION to OFF, in order to control the data synchronisation on your device. When you are ready to synchronise, you can press the entwined arrows.

We hope that you enjoy using MobiAudit and that it makes completing assignments for Mystery Customer much easier. If you have any questions please contact us by email on [email protected]

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