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New Mystery Customer Contract for Shoppers

Summary of Changes to Contract for Provision of Mystery Customer Services - General Conditions

The following sets out an overview of the changes made to the general conditions under which our mystery customer contractors provide their services to Mystery Customer Pty Ltd. Whilst we believe this summary accurately reflects the changes made to the contract, our mystery customers should refer to the full contract for the specific requirements.

• Simplification of language by removing use of some defined terms and jargon, such as replacing ‘the Principal’ with ‘Mystery Customer’ (Pty Ltd).
• Insertion of a description of the services provided by our mystery customers and that these are to be carried out in accordance with the instructions provided to our mystery customers.
• Clarification that GST-registered mystery customers need to submit ATO-compliant Tax Invoices.
• Insertion of provisions permitting our mystery customer contractors to appoint other persons to perform mystery customer services on their behalf (for example, family members or friends), as long as those persons comply with our same standards and conditions expected of all our mystery customers. Where this occurs, the contractor will remain responsible for ensuring the other person complies with the contractor’s contractual obligations with Mystery Customer Pty Ltd.

New shoppers who have signed up since mid October 2010, would have already signed to the new contract as part of their application process

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