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Problems encountered when saving your surveys

Have you had problems saving your Mystery Customer surveys?

A small number of shoppers have informed us that when they complete their survey and hit the ‘Save Survey’ button, the survey questionnaire blanks out and they have to start again! We know that this can cause a lot of frustration so we would like to help you identify and solve the problem

Possible Problems:

1. Your web browser
The recommended web browsers to use with our mystery shopping portal include; Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you are using other web browsers such as Safari, Opera or Google Chrome you may encounter difficulties when you submit your surveys.

2. The amount of time spent on the page
We have been told by the software developers that if you are on the same page for more than 30 minutes, the system may automatically log you off because it thinks you are idling on the system.

3. Your Internet connection
Your Internet connection may have dropped out while you were trying to submit your survey. Once you have dropped out, you are unable to successfully submit your survey until you log back in.

4. Incomplete Surveys
You must complete all fields in the survey to be able to submit it. Remember to click on the ‘Check Complete’ button before you click the ‘Save Survey’ button!


1. Only use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox
2. Continually save your survey every few minutes
3. Make sure to click ‘Check Complete’ before you ‘Save Survey’

Our Advice:
The best advice we can give you is to type your answers out into a Word Document such as Microsoft Word (make sure you use the spell check). You are then able to copy and paste your answers into the system and submit your survey.


The Mystery Customer team

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