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Shopper of the Month

What is it?
Shopper of the Month is a competition that Mystery Customer runs to reward shoppers who submit outstanding reports for our clients. Each month, we will review all shopper reports and announce the winner and reward them with a prize.

What does it involve?
To have your report considered for the prize, you will be required to be a registered mystery customer and have successfully completed at least one assignment for the month. Our Mystery Customer validators will select all  the outstanding reports submitted throughout the month and we will review them at the end of the month to choose the winner.

What is an ‘outstanding’ report?
Mystery Customer withholds a high reporting standard for our clients. An ‘outstanding’ report that will be shortlisted will contain the following aspects:

  • A good amount of relevant comments and descriptions while adhering to the survey questionnaire. A good amount of comments and descriptions of your visit allows the client to better understand their business operations from a customer’s point of view. By just ticking the boxes and having ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ responses, the client is unable to figure out why you – their customer answered the question that way.
  • A high level of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Reports that are easy to read and understand are always good reports.
  • The ability to follow instructions within the survey. Be prepared and know what you are required to look out for on your visit. Also note the time and day that the report asks you to complete the assignment by. A tip for all our shoppers is: don’t always rely on the ‘Due Date’. The ‘Due Date’ is generally the last day you can submit your report, however if the survey instructions specify that you are to visit the venue on Monday but the ‘Due Date’ falls on a Thursday, you are required to follow the survey instructions and complete the visit on the Monday beforehand.
  • Timeliness of report submissions. Shoppers must submit their report within 24 hours of completing their visit.

Once Mystery Customer receives your reports, we review them and give each report a score based on the above parameters. From this, you will get a ‘Shopper Score’. This shopper score can only be viewed by admin staff at Mystery Customer. The higher your ‘Shopper Score’ is, the more likely we will assign jobs to you because we are able to trust that you are able to provide our clients with quality reports that are submitted on time.

By submitting quality reports every time, not only will you be entered considered for ‘Shopper of the Month’, but you will also be doing your shopper score good and increasing your chances of picking up more jobs with Mystery Customer.

For examples of the reports submitted by some of our 2010 winners, please see:

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Good Luck and Have Fun Reporting!

Kind Regards,
The Mystery Customer team

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