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Why am I not getting any jobs?

We would like to answer one of the questions often asked by our shoppers.

“Why am I not getting any jobs?”

To begin with, Mystery Customer has THOUSANDS of shoppers listed on the database waiting to be assigned a job.

Some shoppers are located in areas where there are plenty of jobs to apply for, others are in areas where there are one or two clients and some live in areas where we may have no clients at all (at the time).

Mystery Customer staff hand pick all shoppers to undertake the assignments based on a number of factors including but not limited to:

  • Your Certifications
  • The Shopper Score
  • Whether Banking Details have been Submitted or Updated
  • The last time the shopper visited the same venue

Your Certifications

After creating your shopper profile, you will need to successfully complete two certifications. A quiz and a trial shop. If you haven’t already completed both certifications, to access them log into your Mystery Customer profile and on the left hand side of the page, click on the link which reads “Certifications.” Note: The better your certifications, the higher your shopper score, the better your chances are of you receiving jobs.

The Shopper Score:

Every qualified shopper has a “score.” This is a cumulative score from each survey completed and is based on a number of key things we look for in a good report including: the amount of detailed and constructive comments, the timeliness of the report being submitted and the spelling, grammar and punctuation used throughout the report and whether all instructions are followed.

The higher your shopper score, the more your job application stands out from the others who have applied for the same job as you. Your initial Trial Shop Report is also calculated in your Shopper Score. Mystery Customer does not and will not reveal your Shopper Score.

Your Banking Details:

We don’t assign shoppers any jobs unless their banking details have been provided. We are unable to pay you for any jobs completed if your banking details have not been entered into the system or they have not been updated.

Stand Down Time:

Mystery Customer tries to rotate shoppers as best as possible. If you have recently completed a job at a venue and have applied for it again the chances of receiving that job again is quite low. We want to protect your identity as much as possible so that the client does not spot and single you out as the mystery customer resulting in you being excluded from that venue. However, do not feel discouraged from applying for the jobs again because if there are no other eligible applicants, we may assign you the job.

If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to email [email protected] with your question/s.

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