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Mystery Customer FAQs

  • Will I be working as an employee or a contractor?

    Anyone undertaking visits with Mystery Customer Pty Ltd does so as a contractor, never as our employee. You sign a contract with us acknowledging this prior to any assignments being issued.
  • I can't remember my User ID or Password. What do I do?

    All user names and passwords are case sensitive (upper case letters and lower case letters are different). If you are still experiencing problems, e-mail [email protected]
  • Is spelling, grammar and punctuation important when completing my online report?

    The report that you complete online is the direct feedback given to our clients, and therefore spelling, grammar and punctuation are all very important. They are important for good presentation, and also to ensure our clients fully and correctly understand your feedback.
  • Where can I view the Shopper Code of Ethics?

    Mystery Customer is an MSPA registered mystery shopping company. As a result, shoppers are required to abide by the MSPA Shopper Code of Ethics. To view the Shopper Code of Ethics, please visit
  • What happens if I have an assignment but I cannot complete it?

    If you have been allocated an assignment but you can no longer complete it for any reason, you need to contact us as soon as possible before the due date by emailing [email protected] or calling Mystery Customer on 1300 60 1234.
  • How long does each assignment take?

    Assignments will vary in time - the longer the visit, the more you are likely to be rewarded. You need to spend enough time at the venue to be able to complete the report to the required standard. There is no need to visit the venue for a phone check.
  • How do I see jobs out of my area if I am travelling and want to do some assignments?

    To find out what opportunities are available, click on "Open Opportunities" in your inbox. You will then get a message in red which reads: "Click here to reset and show all opportunities." You can then see all available opportunities and apply for any that are suitable.
  • How do I submit my reports?

    Once you have completed your Mystery Customer assignment, you can submit your report on our website. Log onto, enter your username and password and select the report from your inbox. Fill out the questions with as much detail as possible. All fields MUST be entered. Proof-read your report and press 'submit'.
  • Why haven't I received a job with Mystery Customer?

    [1.] You must have successfully completed both the quiz and the trial shop [2.] You must have your bank details submitted to be considered for a job [3.] There could be many shoppers applying for the same job as you are [4.] There may not be any current opportunities available in your area [5.] You have to apply for the job(s) to be assigned them. To apply for the jobs, visit 'Open Opportunities' and click "Apply" for the jobs you would be interested in completing
  • Who will supervise my work?

    All Mystery Customer reports are scrutinised by our trained staff. If details are missing or need to be clarified on your report, we will contact you by e-mail or phone. If you have any Mystery Customer problems or questions, you can contact [email protected] or call 1300 601 234.