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Mystery Shopping App

Do you have an iOS device (iPhone/iPad) or an Android device (Phone/Tablet) that can be connected to the Internet?

There is a free app available to download that can assist you with your reporting.

The app is called MobiAudit and you can download it for free from the MobiAudit website here

This app will enable you to load up the survey questionnaire on your device so that you can answer the questions discreetly without the staff member’s knowledge. You can also use the app to go through the questions one by one so that you don’t miss out on anything whilst you are at the venue.

You also have the ability to take photos and upload them directly to the survey.

To get started, video tutorials are available on the MobiAudit website

There will be two key pieces of information required to get you running.

  1. Your username - this is the same name that you use to login with Contact us if you don’t know your username
  2. The Website Address -

Note: As with all apps, there will be some minor issues with this app. A problem we foresee is that you may run into issues when your mobile Internet reception cuts you off.

Mystery Customer Recommendation:

We HIGHLY recommend that if you use this app, you should use it to take notes rather than completing the entire mystery shop. It will take far too long to complete a quality report on a mobile device. Feel free to save the survey on your mobile device and you can finish the survey off at home.

*This app currently works with iOS and Android devices only. The developers of the app are currently working to develop the app for the Windows Phone and Blackberry devices.