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Shopper Score

Mystery Customer allocates scores to each shopper’s assignments. These scores allow us to track the performance of our shoppers and help us in allocating future assignments. The shopper score is available for your viewing when you log into your Mystery Customer profile.

The components that make up the shopper score include:

  • Content and Comments
  • Followed Instructions
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Punctuality / Timeliness

The maximum score a shopper can receive is 2.40 if they are given the top answer in each of the above four criteria. The following outlines how Mystery Customer uses the scores:

  • Score 2.10-2.40: excellent shopper, more likely to be allocated assignments and/or more desirable assignments.

  • Score 1.80-2.10: consistently good shopper, likely to receive assignments on a regular basis.

  • Score 1.60-1.80: satisfactory shopper, likely to receive straight forward assignments.

  • Score below 1.60: poor shopper, unlikely to be given assignments in the future.

Please note Other factors influence how we allocate assignments to shoppers, for example we rotate venues amongst shoppers so if you have visited that venue in the past you may have to wait between visits. Location and demographic of the shopper can also be a deciding factor – some clients ask for a specific type of shopper to undertake the visit.

For examples of high quality reporting, please refer to the Shopper Guidelines that is available for download within your shopper profile.