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Step Two

Once you have logged into your shopper profile, you will be required to complete TWO shopper certifications including:

  1. A short and simple quiz
  2. A trial shop

These certifications can be located on the left hand side of your profile after you have logged in by clicking on the link that reads ‘Certifications.’ Remember, you are ineligible to apply for any of our jobs until you have successfully completed these TWO required certifications.

The Quiz

The quiz is a simple 10 multiple choice answer test that we require you to browse through our website to look for the answers. In your shopper profile, there is also a link on the bottom right hand side where you can download and view our shopper guidelines that will help. After completing your trial shop, the website will inform you whether or not you passed or failed the quiz. You can complete the quiz up to 10 times to pass it.

The Trial Shop

Test your mystery shopping skills by completing a trial mystery shop. We will supply you with the questions and you will need to visit any business of your choice and complete the questionnaire based on your visit. Your trial shop will be graded and the better your trial shop is, the more likely you will receive more jobs with us.

Once you have completed your quiz and trial shop, we will get back to you by email usually within the next couple of business days to inform you whether or not your application has been successful. Again, please make sure to check your spam/junk inbox.

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